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About the Founder


Thomas (de l’Île) Poitras spent virtually all of his life residing in Montreal, wintering in Mont-Tremblant and summering on his family island in the Laurentians. 


From Software to Soft Wear

While attending university, Thomas was involved as a designer and co-founder of a high end boxer short company.  The company successfully sold its designs to over 1000 accounts, including Bloomingdales, Gorsuch, Nordstrom & Bonwit Teller. With a somewhat heavy heart and with growing family responsibilities, Thomas left the apparel industry to join the booming high tech industry. After raising two outstanding children, enjoying some success as an executive in the software sector, and with the constant encouragement and support of his lovely wife, Thomas felt it was time to reclaim his dream. 


Thomas is an avid traveler, tennis player, alpine skier, water skier and enjoys dining out with good friends and family. 


Welcome to Thomas de l’Île. 

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